Speaker Showcase


10:30AM-12:00PM -Cannabis 101: What everyone needs to know about Cannabis

 Ken Surovy-Prevention and Education Consultant Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

This informative and enlightening presentation is all about Cannabis, from forms of cannabis, to use guidelines, medical purposes, and evidence based health effects.   

12:15PM-Theradream Therapeutics

Mlee Kingdon-Presenting on the benefits of weighted blankets for anxiety, autism and other sensory related issues.

1:00PM - FBC-Small Business Tax Tips

Doug McCutchen-Calling all small business owners, join Doug to find out all you need to know to compete your taxes efficiently.

2:00PM-Longevity Links

Ja-on Hillman- Learn how to take your life to the next level with high Priority habits & tools for living a younger life for longer.

3:00PM- Marcie Harrison-What Your Emotions are Trying to Tell You

Marcie Harrison-Everyone, everywhere, in every waking moment is feeling emotions. Why is  
that? Could it be that emotions are our highest form of intelligence? I think so and during my presentation, I’ll share why, along with tips about using emotions to your advantage.  www.marcieharrison.com

4:00PM-A New Reality with PTSD

Wendy Omilanow-Are you ready for a new reality with PTSD?  Learn how destructive this disorder is on your body.  Discover how the tools and body processes of Access Consciousness have facilitated change for many, contributing to healing and coping with debilitating symptoms of PTSD.